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The Personal Chef International Code of Ethics was written by the Personal Chefs of the American Personal & Private Chef Association (APPCA).

The process they followed ensured that each article of the Code was fully debated within the committee. After several months of creating, revising, and refining, the Code was taken to the APPCA membership at large for discussion and review.

The feedback provided was then taken back to committee for final review. Thus, the Code was born.

As time goes on, further refinements and revisions to the Code are inevitable. It is our hope that the next generation of the Ethics Committee will include both independent Personal Chefs and Personal Chefs who are affiliated with other organizations. It is truly intended to be a project that is global in nature.

For this version of the Personal Chef International Code of Ethics, the APPCA would like to thank the following committee members, all of whom contributed to this project:

  • Chef Brian Boots (chairman)
  • Chef Jackie Alejo
  • Chef Carol Borchardt
  • Chef Bonnie Nicklaus
  • Chef Brenda Koeppel
  • Chef Julia Mailler
  • Chef Karen Tursi
  • Chef Sue Cotch
  • Chef Terry Henderson
  • Chef Pete McCracken

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